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One of Calgary’s oldest communities, Bankview is one of a number of Calgary’s inner city neighborhoods. This neighborhood comprises mainly of single-family homes, high-density apartments, townhouses, condos, and an increasing number of more recently built luxury homes and infills.

As a long-standing community, Bankview is well established, with lots of trees, lovely parks, and green spaces for relaxation. This South West community is situated in a prime location that enjoys proximity to both Downtown Calgary and the University of Calgary. This location is west of 14th Street and south of 17th Avenue.


Bankview Community

Bankview is located on the outskirts of the area popularly known as the Beltline, close enough to enjoy all it offers and far enough to stay away from the hustle and bustle. This small community offers a diverse range of real estate styles. An old community, some of its homes date back to the early 1900’s. However, many of these have been torn down and replaced with modern luxury homes (townhouses and condominiums), while others have been totally refurbished.

Single-family homes are fairly scarce in this community, as much of the community has been developed into condos and infills. If you are looking at Bankview real estate contact Sali Homes to view Bankview Homes and Bankview Condos for sale.

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Bankview Shopping

Thanks to its prime location, Bankview is just a few minutes away from shopping facilities and the City Center. A quick drive to Downtown Calgary will bring you to a variety of local stores and restaurants.


Bankview Recreation and Lifestyle

This beautiful green community is no stranger to parks and playgrounds. Bankview’s busy community center is host to basketball and tennis courts, sports fields, and playgrounds. Local sports groups, craft markets, and play-in-the-park days can be accessed through the Bankview Community Association. With Downtown Calgary just minutes away, there is even wider access to other amenities not readily present in Bankview.


Schools in Bankview

Residents of Bankview have no worries when it comes to schooling. Beyond the available University community, there are more than a few top quality schools that can be easily accessed. Some of these are:

  • Western Canada
  • Elboya
  • St. Monica
  • Holy Name
  • Sacred Heart
  • William Reid
  • St. Mary’s


Bankview Community Demographics

Bankview is a rather small community with a dense population of over 5,000 residents. It is relatively safe, with most crimes within the realm of vehicle-related thefts and vandalism. Due to its closeness to the core of the Downtown environment, more serious crimes occur once in a while. To find out more specifics on the social statistics of this mixed neighborhood – marital status, age, population diversity, and income, click here.

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