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Established in 1995, the community of Chaparral southeast of Calgary has seen rapid developments and advancements over time. This residential community has quickly become one of the more preferred destinations for those looking to settle in Calgary. Situated on the Bow River, to the north of Chaparral is the Marquis de Lorne Trail, while the community is bordered to the south by 194 Avenue, and to the east by Macleod Trail.

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Chaparral Community

With the Bow River in the immediate vicinity of the community, Chaparral is among a few Calgary neighborhoods to boast a substantial lake for recreational activities. As envisioned by developers of the community, the Bow River has become a popular and essential recreational spot for Chaparral’s residents. This lake also contributes to the general ecosystem and weather conditions of the neighborhood with cold wet winters and really hot summers commonplace.

Those looking to purchase a home in this neighborhood will have a selection of luxury condos and detached family homes. These buyers will have different options depending on their budgets, with some homes on offer for as low as $300,000. Chaparral Homes with a direct view and access to the lake are more luxury priced, with some properties going for as much as $1m and above.

Chaparral Shopping and Amenities

Chaparral is located only a short distance away from downtown Calgary. This proximity to Downtown Calgary with all of its shopping malls and centers, makes it ideal for residents to get their needs. Even closer, though, is the Shawnessy Towne Center Shopping mall which is popular with residents.

Chaparral is blessed by nature with a beautiful terrain and environment, and this has been fully utilized in the development of this lake town. The neighborhood is carefully planned around the 32-acre lake, with a 21-acre park – which boasts 2 waterfalls amongst a host of other facilities – carefully positioned to complement the lake. Residents cater to their recreational needs with these facilities within the park, which alongside the lake plays host to numerous events and ceremonies through the year.

Schools in Chaparral

Residents of Chaparral do not need to go so far in search of adequate schools for their kids with a number of schools within the neighborhood vicinity. Within the immediate neighborhood of the vicinity are two schools, with a number of others within close proximity. Some of these are:

  • St. Sebastian Elementary School
  • Chaparral Elementary School
  • MidSun School
  • Centennial High School
  • Fish Creek School
  • Bishop O’Bryne High School
  • St. Matthew School

Community Demographics and Security

With over 12,000 residents in Chaparral, this is a bubbly community mostly made up of working class fellows. You can learn more about the community demographics of residents (marital status, income, age and population diversity) of Chaparral by clicking here. Away from the bustle of downtown Calgary, the community is relatively safe and quiet.

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