How To Find A Great Realtor

When selling a home, many people will leave the sale to someone experienced in the matter. This can be a real estate broker or agent. The term real estate agent is loosely applied to these professionals. Unknown to many people, there is a slight difference between broker, agent and realtor. A broker handles the legal transaction between seller and buyer. An agent acts on behalf on either the seller or the buyer, and will usually act under a broker. Real estate agents require less experience, and take an exam that is less demanding than that taken by brokers.

A realtor is both a broker and an agent. Actually, professional realtors are a very small percentage of the millions of people in real estate around the world. In Canada, a person can only use the term Realtor after being licensed and registered by the Canadian Real Estate Association. What are the signs of a professional realtor?

  • Informative

While  the realtors of days gone by survived on hoarding information on price and other useful information, present day realtors operate in the age of Google search. This means a professional realtor will want to thrive by providing efficient, friendly services to make the sale as smooth as possible.

This involves full disclosure on pricing and the procedures involved. A good realtor keeps the client informed through the process giving explanations and clarifications where necessary.

  • Constant communication

Selling or buying a home involves substantial amounts of money, so it is natural for the buyer or seller to become anxious if the process takes longer than is expected. A good realtor will be willing to listen to your expectations and limitations in the transaction.

If you are buying, the realtor should respect your budget and not push you to accept a higher priced home that will leave you in unmanageable debt. Remember the realtor will keep his commission regardless. If you are selling, the realtor should try to get your price as much as possible, and if it cannot be done, give you sensible reasons why your price is unachievable.

  • Dependability

Some realtors will sign the contract and disappear, only to resurface with an offer. A professional realtor will want to keep in constant communication, updating the client at every stage of the transaction. If the realtor cannot be available to communicate, he/she should inform you of the appropriate time to do so.

A realtor who takes the time to build a relationship with a client puts the client at ease that everything is in professional hands.