Marketing Your Calgary Home

Calgary boasts some of the best homes in Canada, but without the right marketing strategy or real estate agent, you won’t sell your home fast and for top dollar. Right from the outset, you need to hire a REALTOR® to handle every detail of your sale – from the listing, home-staging to qualify buyers, and to close the deal.

Here is some marketing tips to help you market your Calgary home:

#1. Price Your Home Right

Let’s face it, selling a house at its highest valuation will not always land you the best buyer or deal. That’s right, the price when marketing a Calgary home is more important than you think. Do a little homework and check out how much your competitors are selling for within the same neighbourhood, with similar property size and elements.

#2. Bring in a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Whether brochures, MLS listings, or website content, your Calgary home has to stand out in a sea of competition. The best way is to let a professional capture amazing pictures of your property. Use someone who will take photos that showcases the best features of your home.

#3. Consult a Home-Staging Expert

When it comes to marketing your Calgary home, the first impression is everything. Staging presents your home in a “move-in ready” state. Bringing in a home staging expert can do wonders for your home-selling ambition. The professional will offer you home-staging tricks, tips, and advice that’ll paint your home in good light.

#4. Have a Booking System

Showings are crucial parts of marketing a Calgary home for sale. You want every step of the process to be effortlessly easy for the buyer. That is why it pays to have a booking system in place to ensure potential buyers actually see the home.

#5. Organize Open Houses

The value of open houses to marketing your Calgary home for sale is absolute. It’s best to run open houses at times when it’s most convenient for the buyers. Ensure that your home is well-staged and offer information about the property when asked.

#6. MLS Listings

Your Calgary home should be listed in many directories, including the MLS® and This way, potential buyers can view photos and read information about your property.

#7. Hire a Professional Real Estate Agent

Why go to all trouble when you can hire a real estate agent? With years of experience, connections, and resources, a REALTOR® like Sali Homes can move your home off the market. They’ll do all the heavy lifting so you can get top value for your property.

For more information on how we do all the above and more, check out our concierge services that helps make real estate easy for you!