Open House Guide

The need for an open house as a marketing method cannot be ignored even in these days of online research. The simple fact is that many buyers will want to have a feel of a house before making the decision to buy. Even with online research, a buyer will need to ask some questions, look around the neighborhood and ascertain what is in the photos actually exists. A successful open house will usually generate more leads than any other marketing methods. What makes a successful open house?


The first step is to get potential buyers aware of the open house. This is done by promotion using several methods:

  • Local newspaper/magazine –   The classifieds section will  usually have an Open House section
  • Flyers – These can be distributed around the neighborhood to spread the word
  • Sign topper – Installing sign toppers at least a week before the open house tells of the date and time, and directions.
  • Online listings –   List on the MLS or any of the free classifieds like Craigslist or Kijiji
  • Website –  List  information about the open house next to the feature of the house on your own website
  • Social networks – Posts on social media have the likelihood of going viral meaning that information on the open house reaches a very wide audience. Facebook, LinkedIn, Evite and Twitter are some of the top networks to post such an event.

Informational materials

You will need information packs to give to the visitors coming to the Open House. This should include:

  • Feature sheets – 30-50 high quality feature sheets will be  adequate for a standard open house for one weekend
  • Articles and information – These are bits and pieces  in newspapers, magazines and blogs on positive topics about the area and the community
  • Home buying guide – This is to make things easier for both parties when the buyer decides to buy
  • Area statistics – Information on other houses that have sold in the area enables potential buyers to make comparisons. Any other active listings in the neighborhood can help the buyers too. This could include maps of the houses so that the buyers can verify the statistics independently.

Best experiences

  • Preparing the house – This involves sprucing up both the interior and exterior of the house.
  • Snacks and drinks – Keep the guests entertained with some snacks and drinks
  • Kids’  games –  These are to keep  kids distracted while their parents view the house

Expert help

It pays to have a real estate agent in the open house in case a potential buyer decides to kick off the purchase or make an offer right away.

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