Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

You have repainted, contacted your real estate agent and done all you could to make your home sale ready, but there are no offers coming in. A slow sale can be attributed to two types of reasons. Those outside your control include bad market conditions and unrealistic buyers. But there are reasons from your own making. What are these reasons and how can you overcome them?

Above Market Asking Price

Many sellers will overprice their homes for sentimental reasons. Some online estimation tools can also mislead you. Overpricing is probably the number 1 reason for scaring away potential buyers. If your buyers learn that you are selling at a price that is $10,000 over homes in the same neighborhood, they will shy off unless there are very significant home improvement projects that justify the price. Otherwise, buyers will look elsewhere at the first hint of an overpriced house. It is best to use a competent real estate agent to do an accurate estimate.

Poor Photos & Videos

Almost all buyers nowadays will start searching for a home on the internet to identify the best among the thousands of those available. The only way to stand out is to have high quality photos and videos of the home. Ensure you have attention catching pictures. If you do not like the work of your real estate agent’s photographer, hire one of your own.

Poor Hygiene

Dirt and grime will quickly turn off your buyers as they know they will have to factor in cleaning costs in the future. Many buyers are aware that efforts will be made to clean visible areas, so they will head to areas where dirt is rarely noticed. These include the refrigerator and oven. The bathroom is also sure to receive a visit. It is best to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning agent to do the job.

The presence of mold can point to an ill-kept home. The unsightly stains on the ceiling and walls are a big turn off for any potential buyer, not forgetting that mold spores are also toxic to human health. If there is mold in the home, engage a professional mold removal service.

Clutter that has accumulated over the years is also a big turn off, especially when it is piled up and left to gather dust in the backyard. Dump your junk at the local recycling and refurbishment center.

Personal Décor

Different people have different tastes in colour and other home décor elements. Remove all your personalized décor when you decide to sell a home to provide the best opportunity for the potential buyers to envision themselves in their new home.

All of this can sound confusing, so if you or someone you know is in the market to sell their home and get the right buyers, contact us at Sali Homes today! We have a whole service called Sali Concierge that makes sure your home is looking its very nest!