Calgary is a growing city with hundreds of neighborhoods. Every year new neighborhoods are developed to extend the reach of our city. Each neighborhood can offer specific benefits to your lifestyle. Some communities are high-end, some offer bigger lots, some are less costly and some have unique amenities. Selecting your ideal community location is a vital step towards purchasing a new home.
These are 25 of the best communities to buy in in regards to community value, property cost, property appreciation and more. For more information on these or other Calgary communities, contact Sali Homes. We are here to help ensure your real estate experience is rewarding and stress-free.

Top 25 Communities By Sector

North West


Bowness is a large community located in North Calgary. The community harbours a rich local culture, with many residents referring to themselves as Bownesian, rather than solely Calgarian. Bowness Real Estate is also only a few minutes from WinSport and Shouldice Fields and offers great views of the Rocky Mountains.


Tuscany is a large North West Calgary community, located West of Stoney Trail NW. Tuscany Real Estate was mostly built in the 2000’s and range in price from under $300,000 to over $1,000,000.


Country Hills

Country Hills Real Estate has a range of upscale and more affordable homes, coupled with unique outdoor amenities. Country Hills has the Country Hill Golf Club within the community and is only minutes away from Nose Hill Park. This community is perfect for singles, seniors and families.

Coventry Hills

The community of Coventry Hills became as part of Calgary in 1991. Coventry Hills is located in the far North of Calgary and borders Stoney Trail NW. The community offer recently built homes that began construction in the early 2000’s. Coventry Hills Real Estate is ideal for families and young professionals.

Harvest Hills

Located in the North East, Harvest Hills has gorgeous single-family homes and condos as well as a large local park and pond in the centre of the community. Harvest Hills Real Estate has amenities and plenty of housing options that make it ideal for singles and families.

North East


Abbeydale is a beautiful North East community that is full of well-priced real estate options that were largely constructed in the early 2000’s. Local parks and schools, mix well with local restaurants and pubs to make Abbeydale ideal for families and working singles.


Castleridge Real Estate offers well-priced homes and condos that are still close to the centre of the city. Castleridge is a short 15-minute drive into downtown and has a number of local amenities. Homes in Castleridge can range from classic and affordable bungalows to recently rebuilt two-story homes and a number of condo developments.


Falconridge Real Estate value has risen by more than a third since 2012. A property in Falconridge not only provides a sound home but an opportunity to make money in the resale of the property. Falconridge Real Estate also offers efficient access to the numerous locally owned businesses in the area.


Marlborough Real Estate covers over 2.5 square kilometers of Calgary’s North East sector and is home to nearly 10,000 Calgarians. Marlborough homes began being built in the 1960’s, though many have been rebuilt or largely renovated since this time.

Marlborough Park

Marlborough Park backs onto the Trans-Canada Highway, which provides residents with efficient travel into the city or out to the mountains. Homes in Marlborough are well priced and centered around the Big Marlborough Park and The Marlborough Park Community Association.

Monterey Park

Monterey Park is located between Stoney Tail NE and Catalina Boulevard NE. This community became a part of Calgary in 1985 but didn’t begin home construction until the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.


Homes in Martindale have steadily risen in value for years. Martindale Real Estate is affordable though recently built, which provides potential buyers with high-quality products and up to date build processes. Purchasing a home in Martindale is a good investment towards future resale value.


Pineridge is full of single-family homes as well as several condo developments. The Village Square Leisure Centre offers residents of any age an opportunity to relax, exercise, swim and take part in community gatherings.


Just West of Pineridge is the community of Rundle. Rundle has a number of local parks and schools as well as easy access to the Peter Lougheed Centre and the Village Square Leisure Centre.

Skyview Ranch

Skyview Ranch is located in the North East of Calgary and borders Stone Tail NE. The real estate in Skyview Ranch was originally built in the early 2010’s by Walton Development and Management. Skyview Ranch offers recently constructed properties and diverse lifestyle benefits.


Taradale Real Estate covers nearly 3 square kilometers of Calgary’s North East. Local schools like the Taradale Elementary School and Ted Harrison Middle School make Taradale ideal for growing families. Most of the available real estate in Taradale was originally built during the early 2000’s.


Whitethorn has a large centralized green space in the community as well as a large selection of real estate options. Whitethorn is 20 minutes outside of downtown Calgary and is also home to a very upscale retirement facility, called Whitethorn Village.


Albert Park

Alberta Park offers a large range in real estate selection in regards to both price and style that can appeal to diverse buyers. Alberta Park residents enjoy large amounts of green space, local schools and local shopping opportunities at the Forest Lane Shopping Centre.


Dover backs onto the Valleyview Park, has a number of local schools and an active community association, which makes the community ideal for families. Dover offers well-priced condos and single-family homes, as well as efficient travel opportunities with Deerfoot Trail running long the West border of the community.

Forest Heights

Forest Heights homes were initially built in the 1970’s though; many homes showcase more recent additions and renovations. Forest Heights is also a quick 13-minute drive to downtown and has a range of local amenities such as schools, pools, hockey rinks, parks shops and more.


Southview homes can offer the efficient access to downtown of more high-end Calgary communities, with much more affordable property prices. Southview also offers easy access to the Bow River and the Inglewood Golf & Curling Club.

South East

McKenzie Towne

Mckenzie Towne offers a range of single-family homes, attached townhouses and condos. The Mackenzie Towner Centre is full of businesses, restaurants and more. McKenzie Towne also borders Deerfoot trial, offering efficient access to North Calgary.



Fairview Real Estate covers just less than 1.5 kilometres of South Calgary. The community offers efficient access to Chinook Centre, is full of schools and local businesses as well as large trees and green spaces. Fairview is a truly beautiful Calgary community.


Haysboro Real Estate is located in South Calgary and offers walking access to both the Heritage LRT Station and to Heritage Park. Glenmore landing is also a mere 5-minute drive from Haysboro. Homes in the community are well priced and offer a diverse range of interior styles.


Kingsland is a South Calgary community that offers efficient access to Chinook Centre, IKEA Costco and other major retail outlets. Schools for children of any age are also found in the community. Kingsland Real Estate is perfect for family focused homebuyers.