Safety is a top concern of nearly any buyer demographic. Violence and theft and add nearly unbearable burdens to a young single. Families always place their children’s safety first. And seniors yearn for comfort, while crime and danger promote the opposite environment. Finding the safest and otherwise ideal community to live in is a major step of any home buying process.
Canada is ranked in the top 10 safest countries in the world. Calgary is considered to be one of the safest cities across Canada. By no means, is Calgary a dangerous place to live in, though there are some communities in Calgary that are safer than others.
A safe community showcase sustainability, and that a buyer can remain in the community for years or even decades. These are 4 of the safest communities in Calgary. For more community information or for listings in these communities, contact Sali Homes today.

Royal Oak

Many consider Royal Oak to be the safest overall Calgary community. The community is just a short drive from both the Kensington Police Station and the Silver Spring Fire Station, proving resident with effect emergency services responses. The community is also very new and developing, inviting many new families and retirees, rather than high volumes of transient or potentially dangerous individuals. The Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association (RRROCA) also showcases a direct commitment to safety by engaging in “Focus On Safety” initiatives. The RRROCA also displays a link to the city’s crime rates and the contact information to the Community Liaison Officer, directly on the community association’s website. Royal Oak also has one the lowest overall crime rates across Calgary.

West Springs

West Springs is located in the far West of Calgary, near WinSport Canada Olympic Park. This community is located far from the downtown core and other Eastern Calgary communities, where the highest Calgary crime rates are witnessed. West Springs also a mere 9-minutes drive from the Calgary Police District 2 Station. West Springs real estate is made of 77% single-family homes, which promotes more affluent and buyers and offers personal space and privacy for all residents.


Kincora is a recently constructed Calgary community that has attracted an older and largely working demographic. Over half of the residents of Kincora have completed some form of post-secondary education and over 80% are currently in the labour force. Kincora is also completely made of private housing, with no low-income properties or other socially managed developments. Finally, this community is only a few minutes away from the Country Hills Calgary Police Station and the Hidden Valley Fire Station.


The community of Tuscany is located well over 20 minutes from the downtown and Eastern Calgary communities that tend to have consistently higher crime rates. Tuscany also has a very involved community association and upscale “Tuscany Club” which promotes communication and safety amongst residents. Tuscany residents are educated, working and have an average of 15% more income than the proposed Calgary individual average.