It is absolutely wonderful to live in Calgary. Various Calgary neighborhoods can represent different property appeals for perspective buyers. Some communities offer luxurious properties to appeal to upscale individuals. Some communities provide a great location for downtown access, great views or desirable amenities. While other Calgary communities can offer buyers the best possible real estate deals and effective value for the purchase prices in the city. These 5 communities can provide the best Calgary condo and single-family home value for your investment. If you are interested in the real estate opportunities within in these communities do not hesitate to contact Sali Homes today!
Abbeydale is in the Northeast sector of Calgary and offers a range of beautiful homes and condos that offer convenient transportation routes across the city and great mortmain views. Abbeydale homes values rose 9% in 2016 and are expected to continue to this trend. The increasing resale values of Abbeydale homes are beginning to make this community very attractive for prospective Calgary buyers. Abbeydale home prices averaged under $350,000 in 2016, making them some of the most affordable in the city. This currently undervalued Calgary community allows it to provide some of the best real estate deals that our city has to offer!
Ranchlands offers very affordable homes, with great local amenities. Neighboured by Dalhousie and Silver Springs, which are two communities that showcase more expensive Calgary homes, Ranchlands can provide the lifestyle of a lavish Calgary community, without forcing buyers to pay the same property costs. Ranchlands is located just 15 minutes outside of downtown, which provides residents with easy access to downtown jobs and amenities. With great city and mountain views, coupled with lower than average property costs, Ranchlands Real Estate in Calgary offers some amazing opportunities for home buyers!
Another northeast community that provides perspective buyers with great real estate deals in Castleridge. Many Castleridge homes have been recently renovated and or re-built, but still offer prices much lower than Calgary’s city average. Large lot sizes and backyards can make Castleridge ideal for families and buyers planning to re-build a larger property. Castleridge spans across 1.2 square kilometers and offers a great sense of community and local culture. The Castleridge, Falconridge Community Association offers programs, hold events, and provides information for residents to enjoy.
Falconridge neighbors Castleridge and offers some of the same real estate benefits and local amenities. Castleridge has immense single-family home offerings as well as condos and multifamily complexes to appeal to diverse groups of potential buyers. Nearby schools and shops, coupled with the well-priced homes in Falconridge can make this community great for families. If you have any questions about real estate in Castleridge feel free to contact Sali Homes today!
The final community on the list is Glamorgan. Glamorgan spans across 2 square kilometers of Calgary’s West sector. Glamorgan offers gorgeous homes, through curved and uniquely designed roads that offer a true one-of-a-kind feel to this community. Homes in Glamorgan have been gaining value and attention since the nearby Mount Royal University became a university from a college. Glamorgan has a range of local shops and parks and offers easy access to Calgary’s downtown core. At Sali Homes, we can help you find the perfect property for Glamorgan Real Estate.